About Us

Riviera is a naturally delicious iced tea brand inspired by Mediterranean summers.

Our drinks are all vegan, low cal, natural, GF and non-carbonated.

We are founded in Nottinghamshire and ran by a young, driven and female dominated team.

A message from our founder

Why I started a soft drink brand

I started Riviera at the age of 21 whilst still at University and in the middle of the pandemic. I've never been keen on the taste of alcohol and only really like fruity and light cocktails. As a Uni student drinking cocktails definitely wasn't feasible so I set out to look for more exciting soft drink options so that I didn't feel left out.

Much to my disappointment, whenever I asked for soft drinks I usually received the same response; coke, lemonade or a J2O. After working on a bar for several years I realised many people had this same issue. People also wanted to stay away from fizzy drinks and all I could offer was an Orange Juice.

Why Iced Tea

I first tried Iced Tea in the US in 2015 and loved it. I became a huge fan and would order it whenever I went on holiday around Europe and the Mediterranean.

Unimpressed by the UK offerings and realising both of the big brands were in plastic bottles and not accessible to cafes and restaurants I wanted to create my own more premium brand.

Riviera Iced tea is a refreshing, fruity and non-carbonated soft drink which can be enjoyed in a cafe, restaurant or on-the-go.

I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Fran x