Riviera Iced Tea- The Launch

Riviera Iced Tea- The Launch

We are now live and you can get your hands on our refreshing and fruity iced tea. 

Riviera is a naturally refreshing iced tea currently available in two flavours. With iced tea being a firm favourite in Europe and the US; our mission is to increase the popularity in the UK and see it feature as an exciting and new alternative to the classic soft drink options. We aim to achieve this through our premium branding and sleek 250ml can. 

After travelling through Europe and sampling the different iced teas; we were disappointed with the taste of the brands we could buy here in the UK. We have worked to create a refreshing iced tea bursting with flavour which can be enjoyed on the go, at a picnic or with a meal.

Who We Are

Our founder Fran discovered her love for iced tea whilst travelling around Europe and the US and after finding it on the majority of menus over there she was disappointed when she returned to the UK and struggled to find it. Thus she decided to create her own brand and aims to increase the popularity of this refreshing take on the British classic. 

Our team of twenty-somethings are active, inspired and love to travel. It is our mission to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to the UK and see iced tea feature on more menus. 


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